My take on “organic” food

The last couple of days I have watched on the news how “organic” food is being projected by some as being the fix to all of our health problems.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against organic food but I think this way of thinking is a little exaggerated.

Fact of the matter is we have the safest food of all time in this country right now, organic or not.  We also enjoy the fact we have a very plentiful supply at a very reasonable price when looking at percentage of disposable income we spend on food.  I do question whether farmers could keep up with the growing demand for food if we would all convert back to raising food organically as they did almost a century ago.  Technological has helped organic farmers increase production over what our grandfathers could raise but it is still very difficult for organic production to keep up with standard production practices today.

Will organic food help solve our health problems?  I don’t have a scientific answer for that, I don’t think anyone does.  I do know some organic foods can be better for us just as I do know some organic foods are not as safe for us to eat because they are not tested or processed in a way to make sure of there safety.  Looking at it this way I think we will solve some problems while creating other problems with organics.

I guess I didn’t really give much for guidance but the thing I wanted everyone to come away with here is the fact we have a choice of two plentiful types of food and I am very grateful for that. You should decide yourself when you buy, which safe type of food is the best for you.  The markets will then tell us farmers what to produce.  The system does work.


About Randy Uhrmacher

Corn and Soybean farmer from South Central Nebraska with a desire to communicate with our customers. (anyone that eats) I am also a big fan of NASCAR and weekends at the lake in my free time.
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