Extended Warranties

I am not a big fan of extended warranties, always turn them down when ask if I would like to purchase them and now I have good reason.  Kathy and I traded campers two days before or yearly trip to South Padre.  The camper we purchased came with a short term extended warranty as part of the deal from the dealer. (yes I was ask if I wanted to purchase a longer one)  After we got to Texas I notice the refrigerator is not working so I make some phone calls and a VERY accommodating dealer (United RV Center in Fort Worth)  has a new one and can put it in right away for us.  They explained I may have to pay the difference between the complete refrigerator and the cooling unit, which was the problem, as the warranty would not cover a new fridge. I accepted the $200 difference and started the process.  The dealer called the warranty company and to make a long story short the warranty company would not pay for a new cooling unit either.  They found some oddball reman cooling unit to put in for $400 less than a new one.  The part would take three weeks to get, I need it NOW!  This leaves me with no other option than to put in the new refrigerator for a difference of now $600 plus $100 deductible.  The short term complimentary warranty the dealer gave me did save me a $1000 but I am darn glad I did not purchase the longer version.  Bottom line, the law of averages will come out in your favor if you don’t purchase the extended warranty.  Even if you need the extended warranty like I did, they will not pay like they should.


About Randy Uhrmacher

Corn and Soybean farmer from South Central Nebraska with a desire to communicate with our customers. (anyone that eats) I am also a big fan of NASCAR and weekends at the lake in my free time.
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